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Short answer: 


Canon 5d Mark IV and Canon 5d Mark III 


This is probably one of our most popular questions asked online, usually in a comment under one of our photos that we just uploaded on social media.  


As professional photographers we’re asked this question a lot. Along with...what is the best lens? Or, what are your settings? I’m assuming people might be asking this question if they’re looking for a new camera perhaps? 


These answers will only get you so far unfortunately. A lot depends on what you’re shooting, the subject, the lighting, your surroundings, your skill level etc.  


Long answer: 


You can put two professional photographers side by side, with the exact same gear, shooting the same subject, and they can both walk away with extremely different images.  


Many of the amazing photos that you see go a lot deeper than the just the camera being used. Many photographers will also use some sort of post processing software to edit their photos. Lightroom and Photoshop are a favourite of many photographers. Even iPhone photographers can achieve some amazing editing affects by using editing apps such as Snapseed.


I read a statement from a photographer many years ago that stuck with me:  “When people ask me what camera I used to capture an image that they like, it unfortunately connects the image solely with the instrument being used to capture it, ignoring any artistic purpose and trivializing my efforts in the process” 


It’s true. Learning your current camera to its fullest extent will likely benefit you greater than buying a more expensive camera without learning the key fundamentals.  Remember that a more expensive camera won’t necessarily achieve the results you’re looking for.


I’d suggest looking into joining your local camera club, or seek out professional photographers that may offer some one-on-one photography education. There’s also a lot of online tutorials that’ll benefit you, or even check into local college courses.  


My best advice for moving forward with photography is getting out and shoot, shoot, shoot! Find a shooting buddy. Challenge each other and then watch your skills grow over time. Remember that photography is a life long journey and we’re always learning something new. Most importantly keep it fun!  


Remember if you ever need some one-on-one photography or Lightroom editing training that we’re here to help!


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June 9, 2021
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December 28, 2019
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