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Have you ever wanted to join

photography workshop, 

but felt too intimated?




Rest assured with any Follow Me North workshop

all skill levels are welcome.


We’re offering a glimpse into our day-to-day through a personalized photo tour of Ontario’s most beloved Provincial Park.


Here’s a rough itinerary of what our 48-hour photography workshop experience looks like: 


Day 1: Arrive at our cottage after 4 p.m.; relax, mingle, enjoy some charcuterie and cocktails around the fire or on the back deck overlooking the pines. Participate in an intimate presentation by the fireplace in our living room, where we’ll focus on the ethics behind wildlife photography and dig deeper into recommended photography techniques, which we’ll put into practice for the following two days of the workshop experience. 


Day 2: We’ll wake up and be on the road before the sunrise. Our tour will begin with chasing the morning rays on the open road in pursuit of the elusive residents in Algonquin Park. Don’t expect a gourmet breakfast this early as we believe chasing the morning light is more important! It should be noted, nothing is more magical than witnessing a moose appear out of the shadows and rolling fog of the morning, especially when surrounded by equally as breathtaking vistas. Oatmeal, coffee, tea and fresh fruit will be provided for our breakfast on the go.


During our trek, we’ll visit topics like camera settings; gear and wildlife photography best practices. We’ll put our teachings into practice during our animal sightings and adapt our camera settings to compensate for the ever-changing lighting situations and shifting landscapes throughout our journey. We’ll explore our favourite locations, including waterfalls with some short hiking required. In the evening, we’ll venture back to our cottage near Lake of Bays to enjoy a magical sunset! We’ll fire up the BBQ and enjoy a feast while we start uploading our images from our travels.


“This was an amazing weekend. I was so fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Thank you Jesse and Susan for sharing your home,

your knowledge and your inspiration.” - Michael R.



Day 3: We’ll repeat our early morning routine and arrive at our first shooting destination before sunrise. On foot, we’ll take a leisurely hike through some of Algonquin’s most infamous trails to seek wildlife footprints and photographic opportunities of the landscapes that have inspired so many artisans and historians alike. We’ll provide a more detailed itinerary depending on the weather. Our goal is to cram in a lot of photography in a short period of time. With a small group, you’ll have the benefit of one-on-one coaching. No question is off limits! 


Depending on the time of the year, one of us may even put in our canoe to provide you a subject to photograph within the misty Algonquin landscape. Let’s have some fun! Sunday afternoon we’ll visit a local restaurant and share more stories, laughs and amazing eats!


We’ll reconvene back at the cottage in the afternoon and begin a live Lightroom and Photoshop demo on the big screen, where we’ll edit some of the images we’ve captured over the course of our two day journey. We’ll be available for one-on-one assisting and help you create the best looking images on your own laptop (if you have them with you). We believe editing is a photographer’s secret sauce and we’re excited to provide you the opportunity to elevate your images. We’ll wrap things up in the late evening and you may choose to spend one more bonus night, or start your journey home if you wish!



“Thanks so much Jesse & Susan for making my 45th Birthday one to remember!! Can’t wait to come back up for another workshop. An immense thank you for all your tips, tricks, editing help and amazing hospitality...truly an amazing weekend” - Nelly A.




Invite a maximum of 4 guests and you’ll 

receive an intimate intro to a 

Photography workshop experience!



48 Hour Session - Includes three night stay 

*Most Popular/Best Value*

$1495.00 + HST

Up to 3 night accommodations at our cottage near Baysville/Dorset Ontario

Only 40 minutes from Algonquin Park

*Includes "Behind the Monitor" Lightroom Editing Training ($295.00 Value per person)

*We have accommodations for up to 4 people (2 guest rooms with 1 queen bed in each)

*3 nights, 2 days of Photography Guiding

*2 Day Algonquin Park Pass included



24 Hour Session - Includes two night stay

$995.00 + HST

Up to 2 nights accommodations at our cottage near Baysville/Dorset Ontario

Only 40 minutes from Algonquin Park

*Includes "Behind the Monitor" Lightroom Editing Training ($295.00 Value per person)

*We have accommodations for up to 4 people (2 guest rooms with 1 queen bed in each)

*2 nights, 1 day of Photography Guiding

*1 Day Algonquin Park Pass included




Full Day Session - Photo Guiding Only 

in Algonquin Park

$595.00 + HST

Private 1 on 1 Photography Coaching and Guiding

Do you want to bring a friend? 

Add $100 + HST for each additional person

*1 Day Algonquin Park Pass included




We love providing smaller intimate photography 

workshop experiences throughout Algonquin Park!




Common Questions?


How will we be travelling? 

We will be travelling in our own vehicle and guests will be following in a vehicle of their own. We encourage carpooling whenever possible. 


Is a park pass included?

Yes! We’ll provide each vehicle with a daily park pass. 


What if I’m an amateur photographer?

We all have something to learn no matter where we are on our photography journey! We love introducing outdoor photography to beginners and professionals alike. 


How much hiking is required?

This workshop is intended to be fairly accessible. However, we will be doing short to medium walks on uneven ground and varying elevations. Also, snow depth may vary greatly making hikes more strenuous. Some areas may be icy and very slippery. We will be out in the cold for some prolonged periods of time. Participants should know their physical limitations and pace themselves accordingly.


What equipment do we need to bring? 

If you don't have some of the equipment listed below (or even know what some of it is?!) you will still learn a lot and it will only entice you to add to your gear list when you get home.  Remember these are recommended suggestions but not absolutely required to join our workshop.

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

At least one lens (bring more if you’ve got them)

Memory Cards And Extra Batteries

Headlamp (we will be doing some walking in low light)


Memory Cards, extra batteries, filters, polarizers, cable release


When is the best time of year to visit?

Each season brings a new vision to the park surroundings! It’s hard to pick just one season…many guests will visit multiple times throughout the year. 


Can I book this during the week? Or just weekends?

We’re pretty flexible. Reach out to us with your suggested dates and we’ll let you know if we’re available. 50% deposit will be required upon booking. 


Do you have a Hot Tub?

Yes! Of course we’ll enjoy the comforts of soaking in the hot tub at the end of our busy day of photographing in Algonquin Park! It’s a cozy 4 seater hot tub and overlooks our backyard. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit!


Packing List?

Dress for the season. We experience extreme temperature changes throughout the year. Once you finalize your traveling dates, we’ll provide you with some further suggestions. 


What about Bugs?

Yep, we’ll need to co-exist with black flies and mosquitos. Each season has its challenges and equal rewards! Black flies are most prevalent throughout May and June. However these two months are also great for viewing Moose in the park! It’s worth giving a bit of blood to the park, lol. 


What about bad weather?

Some of our best photography experiences has been during bad weather! Many of the tourists don’t bother traveling outdoors during rain or snow and we’ve been luckier coming across some wildlife all to ourselves…even at the side of the road!


What food is supplied?

Not like your typical Bed and Breakfast that you may have experienced in the past! We focus on Photography first and enjoy quicker meals on the go. We typically cook on the BBQ each evening and if you wish to bring any special foods or snacks, the full kitchen is available too! Our home is your home, we want you to feel the most comfortable. 


How many bedrooms?

We have two spare bedrooms. Each room has one Queen size bed. If you’re traveling in a group of 3 or 4 you may need to share a bed…or sleep on the floor. All linens, towels etc. are included in your stay. The beds are quite comfortable and after a long day in the park, we assure you that you’ll sleep well!


Are lunch and drinks included? 

Alcohol is not included. Please bring any drinks or snacks you would like during your stay. Many of our guests stop off at a local grocery store before hand to stock up on goodies throughout their stay. We’ll provide more food info at the time of booking. 


Can I bring pets?

Unfortunately not as we may have our very friendly dog, Indy, joining us. He’s a 60lb Golden Aussie and we hope everyone will be fine with his random kisses! We have some local dog sitters that he may be staying at during your stay, otherwise he’s a great subject to practice photographing on our journey! View his Instagram account @followindynorth. 



“Thank you Jesse and Susan for an amazing weekend!! You were wonderful hosts, we felt so welcome in your home. I can't believe how much we learned in one weekend. You are both so talented and inspiring, so giving with your knowledge, helpful with suggestions in the field ... from the location shoots to the image processing to the hospitality and camaraderie, it is a workshop that I will treasure forever. I cannot wait to return and do more workshops with you!!! And next time we might not leave!!” - Geri P.




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