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Algonquin Landscapes 


We have a soft spot for Algonquin Park.  To us, it’s the quintessential gateway to the Canadian wilderness.  One that many adventurous families, from around the world, long to explore!


We love it all – Spring canoe trips in search of majestic Moose; listening to the serene song of a loon reclaiming the lake, summertime paddle boarding across clear waters en route to the remote island on Lake Of Two Rivers, Autumn backpacking in peak leaf-changing season to witness the vibrant reds of sugar maples and the saturated yellows of birch trees, wintertime snowshoeing to Mew waterfalls and eating maple taffy from a fresh blanket of snow. 


Enjoy a glimpse of Algonquin through all the seasons here!



Algonquin Wildlife 


Along with Algonquin’s diversity in habitats comes an associated diversity in plant and animal life. Algonquin is home to 45 species of mammals, 262 species of birds, 30 species of amphibians, 50 species of fish, 7000 species of insects and over 1000 species of plants and fungi.


Of Algonquin's furry friends, the moose is arguably the most sought after. Although the moose population is estimated at over 3,000 they remain elusive to many visitors. Our aim is to witness unforgetable wildlife encounters with you and your camera - capturing the majestic Canadian horse of the North.

Showcased here is a collection of our favourite wildlife in Algonquin Park. 





Canadian Landscapes 

From the red sands of Prince Edward Island to the snow-capped peaks of Banff National Park - our feet have found us in some of the most renowned landscapes in Canada. 


Although Algonquin is home, we love to venture out from Ontario to explore coast to coast. Did you know there are almost 4,000 Tim Horton's locations in Canada?...That means a lot of caffeine to keep us motoring on our road trips! 


Let us help capture you in similar scenes on your next big adventure!





Adventure Portraits 


With every epic adventure we’re left with some amazing memories.  Let us help you create the best memories by putting you in the scenes on your next big trip!  


We'd like to elevate your experience in the great outdoors and provide context to the wildlife and landscapes that you encounter.  As your photographers, we will take you on a trek to our favourite locations and photograph your journey along the way.


Whether it’s camping with the family, hiking with your friends or even canoeing on the open waters, we’ll be following your journey with a camera in hand - capturing all the magic during your special trip!




Pet Photography  

We are passionate about all things furry, cuddly and slobbery.

Our goal is to capture the true spirit of your best friend in a candid environment. Whether it's in the forrest, on the dock at your cottage or on the water - we want to create memorable images worthy of hanging on the wall of your home. 






Worldwide Landscapes  

Travel is the most invaluable education one can have.

During our travels we've faced; 84mph winds, torrential downpours, unforgiving insects, frigid temperatures and unfortunate farmer tans - all of which have taught us about the amount of dedication needed to pursue our passion of photography.

Here lives a brief glimpse at our bucketlist journeys.






Worldwide Wildlife 

It's common for fear to surround that which we are unfamilar.

We are supporters of the conservation and preservation of the wildlife living in our shared, fragile ecosystem. 

Here you will find the faces of some of our most cherished, misunderstood creatures from around the world.





Airbnb & Short Term Rental Photography  

Let's face are one of the top reasons guests choose to book your property. One way to increase your Airbnb bookings quickly is to replace outdated mobile images with professionally composed and retouched assets.

With our help, we can increase your bookings by up to 24%.

Did you know... you can increase your earnings on Airbnb by 40% when adding professional photos to your listing.  The average property owner can increase their nightly rate by 26% when upgrading their photography. 





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or would like a more personal, adventurous photoshoot, we're here to help you.  


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