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(*Please note, these workshop photos were taken prior to Covid-19. Masks and social distancing will now apply)


One-on-One Wildlife & Landscape Photography 

Guiding/Coaching Experience in Algonquin Park

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Photography is multifaceted and if you’re new to your DSLR camera the thought of learning ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure, composition and creative editing alone, behind a monitor while streaming tutorials on YouTube can feel intimidating - and even frustrating. We’ve been there! It took a while before we were confident to switch from “auto” mode, and we want to help get you there.


We are dedicated to your success. We believe in building your confidence in the field with one-on-one photography coaching. We strive to provide you more than just a generalized knowledge of your camera settings, we want to teach you how to think outside the box to craft compelling, emotional images that will motivate you to continue to build upon your new skillsets.


We’re excited to provide you localized knowledge of exclusive locations that most tours don’t include while providing practical teachings. When you leave us, we want you to feel empowered and inspired.


Why Algonquin? 


Algonquin Park is our playground! To us, it’s the quintessential getaway to the Canadian wilderness. 


Algonquin’s charm is everlasting - Spring canoe trips in search of trophy-sized trout and flourishing wildflowers; paddle boarding across clear waters en route to the iconic island of Lake of Two Rivers, Fall backpacking in peak leaf-changing season to witness the vibrant reds of sugar maples and the saturated yellows of birch trees, dancing figure-eights into the ice at Arrowhead Provincial Park, canopied by the deciduous forest and eating maple taffy from a fresh blanket of snow.


Activities and opportunities to sightsee are bountiful in the Park and make it the perfect setting for our camera training and coaching sessions. 


Our personalized coaching tours are more than receiving advice or getting mentored — they’re about establishing where you’d like to be in your photography journey or business, and working with someone to tackle whatever has been holding you back in your creative process. 


As your guides, we’ll plan a customized coaching tour for you - tailored specifically for your unique photography goals; encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable for your growth - whatever that looks like for you. 


Inspire, Educate, Entertain


This guided coaching experience is for you if:


° You’re an outdoor-focused individual and nature lover
° You want a deeper knowledge of your camera functions and capabilities
° You’re a hands-on learner
° You want to craft compelling, dynamic landscapes
° You want to learn how to freeze action and capture wildlife on the move 
° You want to slow down your shutter speed to craft whimsical waterfalls
° You want to overcome your limiting beliefs, doubts and concerns about your creative ability 

° You want to learn how to "see" and challenge yourself to use multiple lenses


What we’ll do:


° Immerse ourselves into Algonquin's vast landscapes for sunrise and sunset photo opportunities
° Interpret common signs of animal activity to increase photography opportunities in the field
° Cover camera settings and best practices
° Discuss wildlife ethics in the field
° Learning how to “see,” expanding the rules of composition
° Developing confidence in setting up your gear and settings quickly to capture moving

subjects and in ever-changing lighting situations
° Capture waterfalls and subjects where we want to blur motion 
° Personal critiques and personal development




Full Day Sessions

One-on-One Photography Guiding and

Coaching in Algonquin Park


*Currently accepting requests throughout 2021


Option One

Full Day Photo Coaching Sessions (sunrise to sunset) are *$695 plus HST
(includes training, guiding and park pass)

*Add $100 for each additional photographer

(Currently only booking for small groups of 1 - 3 people) 



Now offering 50% off all FULL DAY guided Wildlife & Landscape

Photography Coaching Experiences

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$100 Deposit to Reserve a Date 

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Option Two

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Ego-Free Experience

With this experience, we have married our knowledge of photography with a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors; crafting hands-on demos in an ego-free, relaxed environment. We’ve mapped out multiple routes for our photography quest; choosing lesser-known, intimate and most importantly - scenic locations, which have provided us with many once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities with wildlife and landscapes alike. 


This is a full day, exclusive landscape and wildlife photography workshop, tailor-made for adventurous photographers from all photography backgrounds. Rest assured, we’ll provide an accessible experience for all fitness levels. Please note, short hikes will be required on uneven and rocky grounds. 


We will access the best vista points for sunrises and sunsets. You will only need to carry your day pack with camera gear, as we prefer to travel light in order to maximize our time in the elements. Most of our hikes will be less than an hour. Our goal is to visit numerous places throughout the day, with breaks in between. We’ll also provide you with a two way radio (walkie-talkie) while we’re driving as we’ll be in separate vehicles between locations - this way we can communicate any signs of wildlife during our travels.


Example Full Day Itinerary

Our morning will start off early, before sunrise. We’ll drive through the park, towards our first location. Depending on the season, this may be extremely early. Occasionally, we’ll see a moose or two while on route. Our plans are flexible to allow for weather conditions and wildlife opportunities as they arise. We will be adapting to Mother Nature’s schedule! We will meet at the West Gate or East Gate of Algonquin Park, depending on where you’re staying in the area. Be sure to have a full tank of gas as we'll be driving between locations throughout the day and there aren’t many opportunities to stop for a top-up.


At our first location, we will discuss photography tips and tricks, including; composition, camera settings, equipment, ethics and in-field best practices for camera-shy wildlife. Drawing from our own experiences, we will share our general workflow and the tools we use to craft images that tell a story. Our morning may include a few short hikes before we break for a light breakfast. As food options can be limited, we suggest packing a lunch (extra coffee) and snacks.


We’ll visit waterfalls and discuss how to slow down your shutter speed. We’ll work with you 1-on-1 to create beautiful long exposures. We’ll practice by photographing waterfalls, rapids and by introducing a human element into the mix to create compelling environmental portraits. You’ll learn how ISO, aperture and shutter speeds work together and you’ll physically see the difference unfolding on your live-view while capturing flowing water. Don’t forget your tripod!


After a well deserved break, we will guide you to one of our favourite landscape locations. During our travels, we will keep our eyes open for wildlife on the move as they are more prevalent at dusk and dawn. We will continue to provide 1-on-1 coaching to ensure you leave the workshop with images you’re excited to edit! Our shoot will continue through sunset.  


Recommended Equipment

We recommend you have a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera body for this workshop, however, we are able to adapt to your own personal photography journey - providing simplified or detailed instruction as needed. 


Lenses - Wide angle lens for certain landscapes and

telephoto lenses to get the best opportunity with wildlife sightings. 

Sturdy Tripod

Cable Release

Extra Batteries

Memory Cards

Headlamp (For our walks in low light)

Rain Protection for yourself and camera gear 

Recommended Personal Items:

Dress according for the season
A Warm Jacket 
Winter boots
Snow pants 
Extra socks 
Hiking Shoes or boots
Raincoat and rain pants
Water Bottle



What about bad weather?
“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!” As we prefer to hike and explore in perfect weather conditions, the reality is that we can’t guarantee the hourly forecast. However it’s rare that it’ll rain all day within the park and we keep an eye on all weather predictions thought the day so we can try to capture the best shooting conditions of each hour. Similarly we may not get to witness a sunrise or sunset, but we still force ourselves to get out and shoot regardless. Some of our best encounters with wildlife has been those “miserable” mornings when no one else wants to leave the comfort of their home or tent. Realistically if the weather looks REALLY terrible, we’ll be happy to reschedule to a later date.

Is there a wildlife guarantee?
Algonquin is not a zoo, haha! It’s funny as we’ve been requested by some guests that we show them a Moose, Bear and a Wolf during their “one day” stay. Obviously we wish we could deliver this kind of guarantee, however that’s also not realistic. We’ve experienced the opportunities that we have had because we’re in the park ALOT! And we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t get lucky with every visit, however the lure of Algonquin keeps us coming back for more. 


How will you provide a safe experience during Covid-19?
As we’ll primarily be outdoors during this experience, we’ll still be following the recommended guidelines set forth by the Provincial Government. Please bring a mask with you as we may be in close proximately at some points during the workshop (example, looking over your shoulder at back of camera) or while entering any buildings or public spaces. You will be required to travel in your own vehicle in between shooting locations. 

What are the physical requirements?
This workshop is intended to be fairly accessible.  However, we will be doing short walks on uneven ground and varying elevations. We may hike to one or more lookout points over the course of the workshop. Participants should know their physical limitations and pace themselves accordingly.

What about meals, accommodations and travel?
All meals, accommodations and travel are the responsibility of each workshop participant and are not included in the workshop fee. Once you’ve registered for the workshop we can help guide you in the direction of suitable accommodations. You will be required to travel in your own vehicle in between shooting locations. We also host an Airbnb in the Dorset/Baysville area (40min from Algonquin Park) if you'd like to combine your workshop with a realaxing place to stay! *BONUS - Now offering 50% off all full day guided Wildlife & Landscape Photography Coaching Experiences for all of our Airbnb guests! View our Airbnb listing HERE.

Are park fees included?
Yes, fees to access Algonquin Provincial Park will be included with your workshop fee. We’ll provide you a pass once we meet at the pre-determined meeting location.

Is there refunds available?
Workshop fees are non-refundable. In the case of extremely bad weather or other unforeseen instances, we’re flexible about re-booking your experience to a future date.



The day is yours, we'll customize our workflow to best suit your needs.

Join us for a full day of fun!


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Only $100 Deposit to Reserve a Date


Do you need a place to stay during your workshop experience?

We also host an Airbnb in the Dorset/Baysville area (40min from Algonquin Park)

if you'd like to combine your workshop with a relaxing place to stay!


*BONUS - Now offering 50% off all full day guided

Wildlife & Landscape Photography Coaching Experiences

for all of our Airbnb guests!


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“Great fall workshop!  Enjoyed the hands-on instruction - it was very helpful and is going to help me take my photography to the next level. Loved discovering new spots in the Park along Highway 60 to view stunning landscapes and wildlife. Thanks again Jesse and Susan!” - Lesley C.



“Had an amazing time! Booked the full day photography workshop as a way to celebrate our 6 year anniversary together and we both had tons of fun. Jesse showed us so many great spots around Algonquin park and got to learn tons about photography. Jesse connects to you on a personal level and makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable and entertaining. We had also adopted a dog a few days prior to the date of the trip and Jesse was very accommodating to us bringing her along. He also helped hold her leash when we were taking photos. We definitely recommend Follow Me North for any photography services and we will be using them in the future again! Thanks again Jesse + Susan!!” - Martin Z.



"Just spent an amazing day in Algonquin Park with Jesse coaching me on how to take my photography from “spray and pray” (thank you, Jesse, for this fantastic phrase!) to something more methodical, deliberate and successful! I’ve been admiring Jesse and Susan’s beautiful photography, shared on social media and on their website, and am often speechless at their ability to capture the essence of a moment. Jesse, not only are you a fantastic photographer, you’re a natural teacher!  You helped build my confidence with my camera, and taught me how to create an image through composition. And you opened my eyes to the world of photo editing, an amazing tool that can bring another dimension altogether! But possibly the best part was hearing you speak about the residents of the Park, from red squirrel to fox, bear and moose. You and Susan, and Steve of the Mad Musher, are truly the guardians and gentle supporters of the health of this place that is so close to my heart. Thanks for an amazing day!  Looking forward to next time!” - Beatrix G.



“Jesse's passion for nature, photography, Algonquin Park and teaching all come together for a phenomenal workshop. I learned so much and had so much fun that I am already planning to attend another workshop. I consider myself an intermediate level photographer and I learned so much. I highly suggest this for anyone from beginner to expert.” - Tim Graham 



“A big shout out to Jesse and Susan who are both so genuinely inspiring and very informative. Winter Wonderland in Algonquin was a beautiful frozen playground. Excellent workshop, well organized and lots of fun. Can't wait to see you two again for the next one. Highly recommended.” - Kris K.


“Had the most wonderful weekend with Jesse, Susan and my new Photo Friends. We all hit it off immediately and it seemed like we’d all spent time together previously but that was not the case. Jesse and Susan make an excellent Team and a perfect combination for running this type of event. They have well rounded skills in all aspects of the working agenda and are excellent communicators. The location - Algonquin Park is storybook with the most amazing scenery, wildlife and photo opportunities. The venue, mainly the Mad Musher was perfect for our group size and Steve and his Staff went out of their way to accommodate and provide excellent service. Congrats Jesse and Susan! 5 Star all around.” - Brian D.


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