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Photography is multifaceted and if you’re new to your DSLR camera the thought of learning ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure, composition and creative editing alone, behind a monitor while streaming tutorials on YouTube can feel intimidating - and even frustrating. We’ve been there! It took a while before we were confident to switch from “auto” mode, and we want to help get you there.


We are dedicated to your success. We believe in building your confidence in the field with individualized camera coaching. We strive to provide you more than just a generalized knowledge of your camera settings, we want to teach you how to think outside the box to craft compelling, emotional images that will motivate you to continue to build upon your new skillsets.


We’re excited to provide you localized knowledge of exclusive locations that most tours don’t include while providing practical teachings. When you leave us, we want you to feel empowered and inspired.


Why Algonquin? 


Algonquin Park is our playground! To us, it’s the quintessential getaway to the Canadian wilderness. 


Algonquin’s charm is everlasting - Spring canoe trips in search of trophy-sized trout and flourishing wildflowers; paddle boarding across clear waters en route to the iconic  island of Lake of Two Rivers, Fall backpacking in peak leaf-changing season to witness the vibrant reds of sugar maples and the saturated yellows of birch trees, dancing figure-eights into the ice at Arrowhead Provincial Park, canopied by the deciduous forest and eating maple taffy from a fresh blanket of snow.


Activities and opportunities to sightsee are bountiful in the Park and make it the perfect setting for our camera training and coaching sessions. 


Our personalized coaching tours are more than receiving advice or getting mentored — they’re about establishing where you’d like to be in your photography journey or business, and working with someone to tackle whatever has been holding you back in your creative process. 


As your guides, we’ll plan a customized coaching tour for you - tailored specifically for your unique photography goals; encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable for your growth - whatever that looks like for you. 




This guided coaching experience is for you if:


° You’re an outdoor-focused individual and nature lover
° You want a deeper knowledge of your camera functions and capabilities
° You’re a hands-on learner
° You want to craft compelling, dynamic landscapes
° You want to learn how to freeze action and capture wildlife on the move 
° You want to slow down your shutter speed to craft whimsical waterfalls
° You want to overcome your limiting beliefs, doubts and concerns about your creative ability 
° You want to learn the tricks of getting your photos recognized online 
° You want to learn how to make the most out of Instagram and/or Facebook


What we’ll do:


° Immerse ourselves into Algonquin's vast landscapes for sunrise and sunset photo opportunities
° Interpret common signs of animal activity to increase photography opportunities in the field
° Cover camera settings and best practices
° Discuss wildlife ethics in the field.
° Learning how to “see,” the rules of composition
° Developing confidence in setting up your gear and settings quickly to capture moving subjects and in ever-changing lighting situations
° Capture waterfalls and subjects where we want to blur motion 
° Personal critiques and personal development 
° Learning the complex world of social media, focusing on Instagram



Full Day Session

Photo Guiding and Coaching

in Algonquin Park (includes park pass)


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The fun doesn’t have to end here - you can also use this offering in conjunction with our Lightroom Bootcamp Training where we will take the images you’ve captured during our wilderness tour and apply modern editing techniques to develop your unedited images into polished pieces of art. This training will be located 40 minutes outside the West Gate of Algonquin Park at our cozy cottage residence near Dorset and Baysville.




The day is yours, we'll customize our workflow to best suit your needs. 



Whether you're looking to grow your strengths as a photographer

or would like a more personal, adventurous photoshoot, we're here to help you.  


Let's get out and shoot!