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Our family is planning a trip to Algonquin Park and we would like to book "Follow Me North" as our personal photographers, how do we do this? 


We would love to tour you and your loved ones through our most cherished Provincial Park. Many families don’t think about this type of service until it’s too late! We aim to capture those family bonding moments - doing activities you love - in nature.


Have a look at our "Algonquin Adventure Photoshoot” page and feel free to contact us with any further questions.


How much are your photoshoot packages? 


We'd suggest starting your research on our "photoshoots" page. We've made it pretty simple for clients to choose what works best for them. Otherwise, some of our services can include guided photo tours into Algonquin Park or being on site for commercial work.  If you contact us we’d be happy to create a quote for you based on the services you’re interested in.

We also provide clients with a wide array of custom wall art options and the opportunity to purchase more digital files from their sessions. 


Do you sell prints or wall art from your portfolio?


We’re glad you asked. Yes, we specialize in custom wall art printing!


Being in the age of the digital takeover, we often forget the importance of creating tangible art to share with our families or to display in our homes. We believe images belong on your walls and not just your hard drives. The images we capture for you aren’t just temporary snapshots, they’re capturing key milestones.


Currently, we’re offering ready to hang Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints and Framed Gallery Boxes. In our opinion, these options make a stunning addition to your home, office or cottage. We personally have over 5 large framed gallery box images printed in our own home - capturing our favourite vistas and wildlife in Algonquin Park as well as our furry son, Indy!


When you view any of the images on our portfolio page, you’ll see a small “shopping cart” icon hovering over the image. When you click the shopping cart icon, a pricing selection will pop up. Select your desired size, printing style and simply input your payment information using the secure “PayPal” platform. From here, we’ll do the rest! We’ll start the ordering process immediately and within a few weeks you’ll have an incredible image hanging in your home. View our vast portfolio here and start choosing some new art for your naked walls!


Have a look at our store page for a description of the printing styles that are available. If you need additional help with ordering, please don't hesitate to email us anytime.  



Do you shoot weddings?


We offer limited spots for Muskoka-based weddings and elopements. We also offer destination-based honeymoons worldwide. The type of couples that book us for their wedding day are adventure lovers with a special bond with nature, and aim to capture the Northern landscape in their imagery. Please contact us with your wedding date and venue and we’ll put together a customized package to suit your perfect day!



Do you guest speak at local camera clubs? 


We would love the opportunity to speak at your local photography club! 


We’re currently introducing camera clubs to our presentation “Algonquin Park - Throughout the Seasons,” which showcases the stunning landscapes and majestic wildlife within Algonquin. We’ve showcased our live presentations for camera clubs across Ontario, including; Kitchener, Burlington, London, Huntsville and we’re thrilled to have recently been invited to Halifax and PEI to provide our presentation on the East Coast, as well! Learn more HERE!



Do you offer private one-on-one photography guiding?  


We sure do! Many people prefer the attention of one-on-one training. We can adapt to your current skill level and provide some guidance to take you to the next level. Are you looking for more help with wildlife photography, landscapes or even long exposure waterfalls?  


Have a look at our “Photo Coaching Workshop” and contact us anytime to request a date!



I'm nervous about joining a workshop, am I good enough to attend?


We used to feel the exact same way. However, we both echo that these experiences were one of the most rewarding things we’ve done to help us grow as photographers.

We still attend workshops from our peers and from those who inspire us. Every time we join a workshop we leave with new knowledge. Arguably though, the most beneficial takeaway is the new like minded friends we’ve created. And guess what, these new friends of ours were just as nervous about signing up as we were!

Most workshops have a great mix of people in attendance, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The one thing everyone seems to have in common at these workshops is the ability to support each other’s growth and push each other to reach new creative heights - thinking outside the box.

Once you commit to attending a workshop we have a feeling we'll be seeing you again and again - if not just for the photography experience, for the opportunity to expand your personal and professional network.

Have a look at some of the Workshops we have coming up or book a private photo coaching workshop in Algonquin Park. 

Also be sure to sign up for our Email Newsletter to be informed when new workshops are offered.




Whether you're looking to grow your strengths as a photographer

or would like a more personal, adventurous photoshoot, we're here to help you.  


Let's get out and shoot!