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Many visitors to Algonquin have had the thrill of lying in their self-assembled tents or sitting around a handcrafted campfire while listening to the spine-tingling chorus of wolves in the dead of night.


We’re looking to elevate your experience in the outdoors and provide context to the wildlife and landscapes that you encounter.  As your photographers, we will take you on a trek to our favourite locations and photograph your journey along the way.


We aim to provide candid family, friend and couple moments in the Park through stylized adventure photography. We'll provide you with a personalized tour to some of the most renowned hiking trails and canoe routes Algonquin has to offer.

This experience is open to all ages and is customizable depending on fitness levels and personal interests. 


If traveling on foot is your speed, we have you covered – there are over twenty easily accessible trails available to us.  If you prefer to tour by canoe, we can make those arrangements, as there is over 2,100 km of canoe routes in Algonquin Park!  If you simply want us to meet you at your favourite location and snap photos of your family or friends enjoying the great outdoors together, we’d love the opportunity, as well.

With this package, we will capture your most intimiate moments by the fire, on the beach or stargazing in an 2-4 hour portrait session. You will receive 25 fully retouched images, available for download, and you will be able to hand curate your location based on your geo-restrictions and travel plans.

Upgrades are available and prints can be made available upon request. 


Please contact us HERE for a customized quote.




You’re both big on the outdoors, travel and the lush landscape of Algonquin. You’ve thought long and hard about how you should propose – a grand public gesture on the beaches of Belize, at your favourite “date night” restaurant or at your first kiss destination. You’ve thought of including your nearest and dearest in your proposal plan, but the conflicting opinions are daunting and have made the task seem overwhelming. 


You’re thinking of going back to the basics – to a sentimental place that you both have shared and have fostered a deep appreciation for – the solace of the forest. The plan is starting to look a lot like this: You ask your partner to marry you in an intimate setting amongst the pines (or even in a canoe), she/he tearfully accepts, you kiss and paddle off into the sunset. Sounds pretty easy, right? 


These things do not go without careful consideration and we’re here to help you craft the perfect moment in anticipation for your perfect day! 


We are no strangers to stealth, having trekked deep into the dense bush of Algonquin’s backcountry equip with telephoto lenses for wildlife viewing without breaking a branch or fumbling in twigs and mud. Our adventures have made us seasoned chameleons, capable of capturing your special moment – and keeping it a secret. 


Have you already proposed?  No problem!  Now it’s time to capture your engagement photoshoot in the wilderness of Algonquin Park.  


We are here to be your undercover agents, capturing every tear, laugh and smile along the way. You will receive up to 25 fully retouched, downloadable images to an online gallery. 


Upgrades are available and prints can be made upon request. 

Please contact us HERE for a customized quote.




We all have invested in professional photography for special events and weddings, but we often neglect the every day adventures we share with our favourite family members - our fur babies.

We aim to capture the true spirit of your relationship with your pet - crafting playful action shots of your furry friends at the park, in the wilderness, in urban landscapes or even by the dock of your family cottage. We will work with you to capture captivating portraits and intimate moments worthy of hanging above your mantlepiece for years to come.

We're dog people - we want to bond with your pet. If permittable, we may even bring our own doggo, Indy, along for the ride to give your pet a playmate. It's important for us to familiarize ourselves with your pet to ensure when our camera's are presented we are capturing the essence of their rambunctious personality.

Upgrades are available and prints can be made upon request. 

Please contact us HERE for a customized quote.





Post processing can make a good image into a great image. We want to take the smoke and mirrors out of the editing process and remove the overwhelming nature of Lightroom sliders, layers, brushes and techniques. We're believers that education should be digestable, easy to apply and most importantly - fun!

Our classroom will be our own personal working and living space - in the heart of Lake of Bays and nestled amongst the pines surrounding our cozy cottage. 

This is easily becoming our most popular package as we guide you in tangible step-by-step editing tutorials by our wood-burning fireplace and record player. We'll spin classic vinyl for you, prep homemade goodies and give you a taste of the Muskoka charm alongside our playful Golden Aussie puppy, Indy

Seating is limited and all tutorials are customizable and completely dependant upon what you would like your focus to be. Not sure where you want to start? That's okay!

Contact us HERE and we 'll point you in the right direction and provide pricing information. 




Whether you're looking to grow your strengths as a photographer

or would like a more personal, adventurous photoshoot, we're here to help you.  


Let's get out and shoot!